About this site

Proof-of-concept / Under construction

This site is still under construction. It is a development project aimed at becoming a classified WordPress sites and posts directory based on post category, tags, and site keywords and blog rss feeds.

Using the WordPress Post2peer Widget Plugin, it makes it possible for sites to share links to posts of common interests. This will offer blog visitors added value by automatically displaying links to additional or related information available on other community members / plugin users sites.

This plugin is being developed as part of a set of WordPress tools (plugins) by Yann Dubois, author of the popular yd-recent-posts WordPress Plugin. It is presently using a (still growing) list of more than 300 sites that have installed that plugin as a development base.

In the future, users will be able to register, remove or modify their site’s information in the directory by themselves using appropriate on-line forms.

As part of the database information gathering process, an automated web crawler will parse the content of each site’s home page on a regular basis. Please drop me a comment if you have questions or remarks about this project.

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