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O segredo do sucesso são treinos e muita disciplina, é claro que tive fatores em minha genética que me favorecem, mas com dedicação e empenho nada é impossível. Treinei durante muitos anos sem orientação correta, sempre pesquisei e procurei os melhores profissionais para chegar aos meus objetivos e hoje esse empenho está em cada músculo...


August 23rd, 2014 by RICARDO MMB
Abaixo estão os 07 erros que os Culturistas cometem em suas dietas. ERRO 01 – COMENDO DEMASIADO O Excesso de calorias se armazena como gordura corporal.O objetivo dos culturistas é criar músculos e a gordura é o inimigo numero 01. É muito importante a qualidade do alimento e não a quantidade. Sua dieta precisa ter...


August 23rd, 2014 by RICARDO MMB
Conforme seu tipo fisico o treinando muda: ECTOMORFO  Para um tipo corpóreo ectomorfo ( Indivíduos com uma menor massa muscular) deve-se treinar de uma a duas partes do corpo por dia, fazendo entre 5 a 10 séries totais sendo que de 6 a 8 repetições cada série. Difícil de ganharem peso! Pernas e braços grandes,...

Sabrina Linn – Too Much Woman For Just One Man

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Too Much Woman For Just One Man

Too Much Woman For Just One Man

Has it been two years since this was shot at SCORELAND? Time sure moves.

They’re horny in Texas. Especially Sabrina Linn. Things start quiet enough for busty Sabrina in “Too Much Woman For Just One Man.” She’s sandwiched in bed between two huge-cocked studs Champ and Largo. Ms. Linn wants more than a piece of them. She wants every inch.

They suck her pierced nipples and finger-fuck her pierced pussy. Sabrina takes turns sucking their shafts hands-free. While in a doggie pose blowing Largo, the Champ drills her from behind. She mounts Juan’s scrotum saddle in cowgirl while John fucks her sucking mouth. Boy, did they enjoy this babe, shooting their loads of gonad-goo on both ends of her.

Texas mom and homemaker Sabrina is anything but average. She is not the MILF next door. When she came to SCORE, Dave’s SCORELAND Blog about Sabrina put her on the pedestal she deserves. She’d never modeled before.

“The girl has PORN STAR written all over her,” Dave lyrically waxed. The tats, the piercings, the shaved cunt and her overall appearance earned Dave’s tramp-stamp of approval. He compared her to the great Donita Dunes, the lusty, cum-loving, bra-busting Boob Cruiser of the late ’90s and early ’00s.

Looks can be deceiving but not with Sabrina, although her voice sounds exactly like a shy woman. If you spoke to Sabrina on the phone (for example, say she were a customer service rep) and never knew what she looked like, you would never correctly guess what she looks like.

Sabrina looks like a bad girl and she is a bad girl. A very nice bad girl. She called Dave “sir.” Sabrina was an FF-cup stripper 13 years ago in Houston. “I liked it. Not a lot. A little bit.” I always thought Sabrina looked like an older version of Morgan Leigh with her slim body and big, rounded, stick-em-out GG tits.

The first time Sabrina came here, she wrote SCORE‘s President when she got home to thank him and SCORE for flying her in, taking care of her lodging and meals, and to tell him how much she enjoyed her visit. Few models have done that.

Sabrina never went to LA to shoot tons of porn like many girls. I actually thought she would. I know that a bunch of porn producers were after her. I recently dropped Sabrina a line and she’s doing good but didn’t want to do porn anymore, preferring to do bikini and lingerie stuff. Well, maybe she’ll change her mind one day. Chicks are known to do that.

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Tigerr Benson – Double Penetration Double Vagina

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Double Penetration Double Vagina

Double Penetration Double Vagina

She’s super-busty and she has a hot body. She’s beautiful. She’s bright. She’s an exotic Asian Brit with a sexy British accent. She’s got a wild appetite for nasty sex and a very dirty mind. She’s got it all.

She is Tigerr Benson.

And this time, Tigerr gets taken by two in a very rude double-penetration, rare double-vagina. Or does Tigerr take them?

We talked to Tigerr (covergirl of the upcoming Holiday ’14 SCORE magazine) about this threesome.

SCORE: Tigerr, What do you like better: one-on-one sex, a two guy threesome, or a guy and girl threesome? And why do you like it better? Tell us about that.

Tigerr: Mmmm, well, it’s changed for me. I seem to have got more greedy so I prefer guys all to myself. Maybe I’ll try a three guy foursome one day. I want to see how that feels, each of my holes filled at the same time. I remember my first DP. I was so nervous and it felt so strange but so good. But it would have to be three guys that are really hot for me. [Laughs] I love attention.

SCORE: What do you enjoy about double penetration? Do you cum harder than through vaginal orgasms alone?

Tigerr: A little “sexcret.” I actually started liking anal more than vaginal but feeling another guy filling me as well as a guy in my ass is super hot for me. I do cum harder because it seems dirtier. I have a dirty mind and sometimes it makes me cum more than what’s happening in my holes.

SCORE: When did you first start having anal sex and Double penetrations?

Tigerr: I think my first anal was when I was really young. But my first boyfriends were Chinese so…er…not really big. It wasn’t painful. Double penetration…I only had my first last year. Actually I don’t really get many requests for DP but I never say no.

SCORE: In your private life, you prefer sex with two men?

Tigerr: No, not really, because it’s just almost impossible to find two guys that will want to get that close to each other. [Laughs] It’s hard enough to find one guy that can give me what I want. [Laughs]

SCORE: How should a guy handle your boobs? Hard sucking or soft? Rough or gentle?

Tigerr: A bit of both. I like variation. When it’s passionate I like to be treated rough. I like to feel the full power of an alpha male.

SCORE: Do the guys you meet spend a lot of time sucking and fucking your tits?

Tigerr: Mmm, some do. Some just suck my boobs, much more than fucking my boobs. They cannot keep their hands off them most of the time. They feel quite soft even though they are large.

SCORE: When you’re making videos, is sex more exciting than sex in private?

Tigerr: Definitely. I’ve always liked being watched and the attention. My ex used to get off watching me with other men so I liked performing for him. It was hot knowing he was watching me, knowing he was jealous because he didn’t have such a big cock and seeing me enjoying it.

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Lavish Styles – Breast Pumpin’ Areolas

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Breast Pumpin’ Areolas

Breast Pumpin' Areolas

There’s something totally hot, yet totally deviant about the way that Lavish’s mind works. This is the type of chick who sees a breast pump and sees it as an opportunity to use it on her round, brown areolae. Why would she do this, you ask? Because she wants to make sure that her suckable nipples are nice and sensitive and very, very hard before she tells you to stick your hard cock between them. And why wouldn’t you want to pound Lavish’s sweet chocolate titties? Especially when she has taken the liberty to cream them up for you so that they are nice and slippery. We say that any girl who goes out of her way like that for you deserves a gift or an award, or something, right? So why don’t you go ahead and cream all over her tits and show her that you care.

See More of Lavish Styles at TITSANDTUGS.COM!

SaRenna Lee – SaRenna Havin’ A Blast In The Office

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SaRenna Havin’ A Blast In The Office

SaRenna Havin' A Blast In The Office

Since this pictorial was shot for the January 1995 edition of SCORE, an estimated one million cubic centimeters of manglaze have been launched into the atmosphere. When these pics were lensed, SaRenna was living in Houston, Texas, 23 years-old, already a megatitstar, and working as a special assistant to NASA’s Moonsplooge Project, a once-secret study designed to determine whether male sperm would maintain its consistency in outer space. SaRenna trained astronauts to jack in weightless conditions. We’re proud to say Miss Lee did her boob and booty duty to help our spacemen launch their rockets. These candid photos re-create these historic moments at the Houston Space Center, where balls blasted off as SaRenna said, “We have ignition.” Have a blast, men. Make her proud. Make America proud.

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Tigerr Benson – Double Penetration Double Vagina

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Double Penetration Double Vagina

Double Penetration Double Vagina

A beautiful, shapely and busty Asian hottie from across the Big Pond, Tigerr Benson is a special one. When people check Tigerr out in an airport or in a restaurant or wherever, they would never guess that she’s a porn star with a lust for raw, out-there sex and a dirty mind. A well-groomed, pretty girl with a dirty mind and huge tits. That’s nirvana.

We continue our talk with Tigerr about her wild threesome that includes a double penetration and a rare double vaginal.

SCORE: Annina, a big-boobed German SCORE model, told me in 2008 that she loved DP best of all because “My pussy is stretched around a cock, and my ass is stretched around another cock, and I feel like I am totally filled up.” Do you experience the same thing?

Tigerr: Yes, she is exactly right. I love that feeling. It’s a strange feeling but it’s really hot for me. My biggest fantasy is to try double anal and double vag but it’s probably not going to happen.

SCORE: You did a double vaginal in this threesome. What was that like for you?

Tigerr: Super hot. The other thing that gets me off about DP is feeling both guys cum in me. I like the feeling of being filled up with cum. I like creampie a lot. I would love to see a cute white girl like Holly Brooks licking it out of me and then we do a snowball scene.

SCORE: Holly is a hot girl. There’s an anal scene with her that’s coming to SCORELAND. Not every porn stud will do a double vaginal with another guy. How often have you done that?

Tigerr: Yes, I know. I’ve done it three times now, including this SCORE scene. It’s not enough! I want to do more.

SCORE: Are there more sexual boundaries you want to experience?

Tigerr: There’s not too many left for me. I guess I would like to do more girl-girls. I now have my first-ever real girlfriend Cherry. She is so cute. So I guess I’d like to do more on-camera, maybe with yummy Christy Marks or Hitomi. I get wet thinking about her big boobs in my mouth. [Laughs] As you may know I’m a bit kinky so my hot fantasy would be to be Amy Anderssen’s pet on a dog leash with her standing over me in black latex boots. She’d make me lick her pussy, her asshole and those boobs. I think she is so hot. I like race play but not sure if you could or would do it. She would call me her “little yellow bitch slut” and dominate me!

SCORE: Has having bigger boobs been good for your sex life?

Tigerr: Absolutely. Actually I was so surprised that guys are much hotter for me after my second boob job.

SCORE: Do you like a guy to have a certain cock size? If yes, what’s good for you? What’s the biggest you have had?

Tigerr: I think what the guy does with his cock is more important but to be honest I’m only dating porn stars in private life now because they tend to be much bigger. I like nine inches. The biggest guy I think was Rocco. He was very thick too!

SCORE: Do you watch your scenes? What do you think about as you watch them?

Tigerr: I don’t watch my scenes as much as you would think. I am not sure why. I don’t watch much porn at all. I guess I prefer my hot memories. At night I masturbate but I just close my eyes and think of the things I’ve done with hot guys.

SCORE: Tigerr, thank you for your time and for what you give to breast-men. Now let’s watch your scene.

Tigerr: Yippee! I love breast-men and bum-men.

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Kerry Marie – The Showers In Spain

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The Showers In Spain

The Showers In Spain

If Kerry ever set up a shower stall in public–say a bikini shower, to make it nore realistic–she could charge admission and retire in a few years. This video dramatizes this theoretical business plan!

See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!

Kayla West – Big Sky Titties

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Big Sky Titties

Big Sky Titties

Occupation: Works on a cotton candy truck; Age: 25; Born: Jan 19; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 135 pounds; Bras: 34DD; Panties: I don’t like them; Anal: Licking and fingering; BJs: Spit; Diddle: Yes.

Kayla comes all the way from Montana. That state’s nickname is Big Sky Country, but the sky’s not the only big thing to come from there. Kayla’s packing 34DD-cup titties that seem to have attracted our stud, Carlos. In fact, he’s infatuated with them. You can see the evidence all the way through this photo set. He’s squeezing them, caressing them and even spraying them with his cum!

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